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I HOPE YOU HAD THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE - music is our inspiration [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
music is inspiration

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I HOPE YOU HAD THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE [Oct. 3rd, 2005|12:13 am]
music is inspiration


[After All That Moshing, I Feel |pleasedpleased]

i just got back... floggin molly didn't play... it opened with jimmy eat worl playing pain... then after jimmy eat world played 6 or 7 songs... GREENDAY TOOK THE STAGE... twas rad... they played american idiot first.. they played a song off kerplunk... tres cool took the mic and started singing "i.was.in.your.house... and.you.werent.there... and.i.was.all.by.myself"... twas rad... at one point... they said "we wanna do something new.. we're gonna start a band right here and now"... they brought up kids outta the audience who claimed to be musicians... the kid on guitar was great... he had a cast and billy joe asked him how he broke his leg and the kid said skateboarding and billy joe said "bullshit you got that from rollerblading... haha... no seriously, u should stop skating and play more guitar, in fact, you can have that one" and billy joe gave him his guitar... and then billy joe said "get ur rollerblading ass off my stage" and the kid was stoked... and billy joe faked an orgasm on stage and that was.... um... interesting...... and then they had pillers of fire... and fireworks went off.... and they played "we are the champions" and soon it was all over... i got a shirt and a few stickers... oh! and a piece of fallen confetti that was stuck to my boob... yay... that was an awesome show.