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concert review : the soma new years show [Jan. 1st, 2006|02:35 am]
music is inspiration


[After All That Moshing, I Feel |soresore]
[Rockin Out To |18v]

so the show opened with i am ghost... they were awesome. the lead singer kept doing stage dives... twas rad... i touched him. then about 15 minutes after their set, a thorn for every heart took the stage... EH... they were okay but nothing mind blowing. then after them it was 18visions AND THEY ROCKED. everone was singing along... even if they didn't know the words. after 18v, it was throwdown. throwdown was awesome and brutal. i was so smushed... i'm in pain... i'll be dead tomorrow... guarantee. the lead singer of throwdown made direct eye contact with me and stayed there for like 30 seconds(which is forever in song time)... i touched his sweaty elbow. anyway... after throwdown, bleeding through took the stage... and i could barely breathe and my entire section was radiating heat but it's cuz of how close we were... there was the stage then the barracade and corey was against the barracade and i was clinging onto corey's back. i got a water bottle. corey got a pick. after bleeding through, corey and i left and went to in n out. we counted down to the new year at a fast food place haha. we called my mom from a pay phone and got picked up about an hour later. i was singing in the parking lot... really loudly... and people said i sound good

good show

brutally yours,

lauren barry